RPM International, Inc., home to Ray Charles Enterprises and the 17-time Grammy® winner's recording studios, which was built over 40 years ago in central Los Angeles, was officially designated "A History Landmark" in 2004 by the City of Los Angeles.

“I love this place,” Charles said at the time.

“It’s the only home I’ve truly had for most of my professional career and I would never leave it and I thank City Council president, Alex Padilla, for their special efforts to make the studios a special part of Los Angeles history.”

Numerous award-winning, world-renowned artists and albums have been recorded there, featuring a who’s who of the recording industry.

From “Country & Western Meets Rhythm and Blues,” the first album recorded here, to “Genius Loves Company,” RPM International has been an enduring presence in the life of the man and his music for the past four, historic decades.

Designed and built by Charles and his longtime manager and business partner, Joe Adams, RPM and its creators have remained loyal to the neighborhood, despite numerous changes to the area over the past 40 years.

During the early days of construction, the pair would often visit the site, with an assistant gently guiding Charles through the skeletal maze of steel and concrete that would become a longtime professional home.

“Ray Charles is the quintessential entertainer and an icon for aspiring musicians throughout the world,” then NAACP president and CEO, Kweisi Mfume, said.